This site contains testimonies and evidence pertaining to:
Sexual language, coercion, grooming, antisemitic language.
Ableist remarks, transphobic, and acephobic references.
Emotional abuse and blackmail. Suicide threats, self harm threats, with self harm actioning. Self harm coercion.

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People who wish to deny the testimonies and evidence of the victims whom have bravely come forward have reported the original google document, putting it's publication into a state of review and thus temporarily offline. This page serves as a backup for it.More victims have come forward with testimonies and evidence since the document's original release. You can find their experiences on the Testimonies page.

Information from a victim

Sent to the mod team

(Spoilered message says “Sexual Assault”)

The following screenshots are from the victim, unless otherwise noted as being from the mod they were confiding in.Though they wish to remain anonymous, they gave permission to be shared with you all.

This following shows a screenshot of the general chat of his server, around Halloween time.
These messages no longer exist because Elliot nuked his server.

This is the victim explaining why they initially told a friend what happened back while it was going on.

Messages about the situation

I remember him talking about being part of a private server with people who would send him grievances about the server. He refused to let us know who it was so that we, as mods, could help.

The conversation above happened on 7th December 2022, the same day that the victim cut Elliot off.Around the same time, just a day or two later, Elliot nuked his entire server. Made is so that no chat history could be read by anyone, including us mods. We asked him if something happened.
(Knowing about this conversation above.)

Another Victim Shares Their Story

We have permission to share this story as well. This testimony was shared, once again, with a moderator.

Yet Another Victim

The following page contains incredibly graphic descriptions of sexual content. Please proceed with caution.

Photos of the messages (with personal details spoilered)

Captioned versions of the above, below for easier reading.

Another Victim - Added

Added to the document 9th Feb 2023Link to this victim’s twitter post
Permission was granted to post these screenshots.

Other Questionable Practices

A few users in his server have expressed concern about a user who is obsessed with Elliot and Tighnari.
We expressed that he needed to do something about it, because it shouldn’t come from us.
(This was before we knew the extent of…everything)
As of typing this, nothing has been addressed with this fan.

This was brought up a few days later, about the same user, since nothing had been done. He was expecting us mods to do something about it.

This was a message sent to the mod team by a fan during one of Elliot’s streams

I let him know and he was initially embarrassed, but has continued to stream in his underwear.And though I do not have any clips of it, he does bring it up in his streams and sounds pretty proud of streaming without pants.

Those who have come forward


As Tweeted

My name is Tokki, I use he/they pronouns.I joined Elliot’s server as a fan and even from the first day he dmed me. It was just innocent goofy stuff and check ins because he was “concerned” for my mental well being (or so I thought).But when I finally opened up to him about my sexual assault and trauma on October 11th he came on to me the next day. I was still 17 at the time. He told me he had his eye on me from the first day (I had posted a cosplay pic) and was just waiting until I was closer to 18.He moved our conversations to snap and immediately turned things sexual. For a bit after he did use his discord for calls but quickly made a fake account for future ones. He manipulated me into deleting the discord chats and I complied. He would use my dead name and fem pronouns because I was too scared to say no.When I finally told him that I wasn’t comfortable with it he still tried to argue that he “liked that name for me”. He would also fetishize my sexuality saying “it would be hot if I got with a girl and showed him” and that “he could change that I’m ace”.He even went as far as sexualizing the fact that I wear a binder, saying “it was like a surprise for him”. He told me that he would stop being attracted to me if I fully transitioned but would always mention that he had been with a trans women, to I assume, prove he’s not transphobic.He triggered my ptsd a lot and when I confronted him about how much it was hurting me he would just say “so you don’t trust me?”. He would even ask me things like if “I had rape fantasies” or if “I would let him fuck me in my sleep”. All while knowing that I had been a victim of that just a year prior. My mental health was horrible and he knew that. In the video calls he would watch as I was shaking and on the verge of tears from my ptsd episodes.He referred to me as his “favorite” and told me who 2 of the other victims were.I have bpd so he uses that to try and say I’m crazy. I finally opened up to my friends and they kicked him from our private server on Dec 6th but I was still scared and chose to keep quiet. He even called me after and that’s when he cried and told me that if it got out that he would off himself. I also was still attached so I agreed to stay on friendly terms. I dissociated so bad to the point I convinced myself that he didn’t exist at all.Near new years I snapped back and the trauma caused me to relapse into my self destructive behaviors to the point I was almost sent to the mental hospital. I still spoke to him for a while but I finally gained the courage to block him and try to heal.I spoke to the other victims who are close to me and I just couldn’t sit there and watch as my friends felt so much pain and were scared to fight back. That’s when I decided to come out to a mod about my story.I was still scared cause he would always mention that he spoke to others that were on his side and that I couldn’t prove these things were real. I felt so scared and belittled.He used our traumas to get to us. He preyed on those he deemed “too mentally unstable” to fight back. I won’t let him silence me anymore.My voice will be heard.

"Oh look more times where my age or birthday was brought up."
-Tokki on Twitter :

Tokki Twitter thread
Post 1: "Still blurred the name of another victim but if you were in Elliot’s server for a while you probably recognize me."
Post 2: "Here’s more of the convo"
Post 3: (No Caption, Image Only)

Additional Tokki Twitter thread
Post 1: "Since deleted but this is how he got to me. I don’t have the part where I shared my trauma but still. Also I was too scared to ask him to not use my dead name. WHO EVEN ASKS TO USE A PERSONAS DEAD NAME"
Post 2: (No Caption, Image Only)
Post 3: "I took this while on the call with him deleting the stuff."


As TweetedParts of Kazuya's experience were in the original document.

As included in the main document

Kazuya Twitter Thread
Post 1: (No Caption, Images Only)
Post 2: " 'Why dont you come to me if youre lonely, do you not like me anymore?' Who would like you"

"Him after trying to "apologize" to me after we stopped talking:
He did pressure me in every way for the longest time then he comes out of nowhere to say this as if nothing happened #ElliotGindi"
-Kazuya (@holymilkx) on Twitter :

"... i wonder why people would judge you hm"
-Kazuya (@holymilkx) on Twitter :

Unnamed Victim 1

As included in the main document


As Tweeted, with original anonymous Quote Retweet

I may not have any screenshots nor evidence of my experince with Elliot from my end. But, I wanted to still share a bit of my side of what happened between me and him before I learned about the victims involved.Last year, I dmmed fanart of himself I drew for him with a note saying how much I adored his work as tighnari plus how much I really loved his voice. I wasn't really expecting any response from him, till a few minutes later I saw what he responded, he called me sweet and evencomplimented me for my appearance noticed the selfies. I took with me showing off my outfits I was wearing on different days. I really thought that was going to really be it, until he started to text me more and he turned the conversation into something really sxual.It really left me on a spot where I felt extremely obligated and give him what he wanted, in this case my ndes.. I still feel really dirty about it and ashamed of myself especially with the power he knows hes held up against me.Before, this even got to the events which are being displayed through twitter I talked to him personally about how before I felt like I was on the verge of relapsing and was extremely depressed due to the fact that my grandmother at the time was on her deathbed and other familydrama that was following with it. He listened to my problem and really made me feel safe.. So, learning what hes done to the others and the way hes talked plus treated me fucking put me back in a horrible mental state again,I lost sleep because of the shame hes made me felt and lost sleep with the fact when I learned he has hurt others including someone who was a literal minor.If he happens to read this, I hope karma bites you on the ass and you stop contacting me and the victims.


As Tweeted - And included in the main document


As Tweeted by "🍡 ᘏ﹔atticus/orphic ៸៸" (@orphicforest_)
on 10th Feb 2023.

my very, very brief encounter with #ElliotGindi. it all happened on a voice call, so i unfortunately don't have evidence, but i will share what i remember (was dissociating pretty bad, so i don't remember much). please listen to and support all the victims. (1/?)i dmed him some tighnari doodles and he called them cute (i'm willing to share the art), then he asked if we could call. i thought nothing of it, so we did, and the conversation was normal. he then turned on his camera to show he was naked and masturbating (2/?)i assume it was to my voice? but it was gross. i immediately left call and blocked him, i didn't want to hear his apologies or anything. i had my age in my discord about me, i was 17 at the time. i'm glad this is all being brought to light, and i'm very proud of all the (3/?)other victims dealing with this all, speaking up or not. to everyone supporting the victims, thank you. to elliot, you don't deserve forgiveness, but i really fucking hope you're getting the therapy you said you would.

Unnamed Victim 2

Self Harm (Censored Images)

Originally tweeted by "S." (@notatwtfan004)
on 10th February 2023.

They wrote twitter here, but meant Instagram.

"I only made this account to share my story with #ElliotGindi. I’m not a twitter person, so don’t expect much. I don’t want to write 5 pharagraphs. please just look at the photos I’m going to provide in a thread.""So this is how it went after he sent me a dm regarding my video edit , from a burner acc."

"I sent him such a photo, because i was not in the right state of mind. i felt extremely lonely back then. I forgot to mention, this happened around early to mid November 2022"

"He showed me a photo of his c0ck, which made me a little uncomfortable, but i chose not to say anything. Me moaning for him was another thing i am disgusted of. Again, i wasn’t in a good mental space back then. i’m still not, but im getting better."

"This was his response to my voice note.. After that, because i didn’t know how to feel, stopped replying to him for around 2 weeks."

"He then send me a messsage again, which lead to him becoming.. very triggering. He saw my last reply and then blocked me and I blocked him too. That was the last time i heard from him."

"After that I didn’t actively try to look at his social media. I debated for a long time wether or not I should speak out too. I still don’t see myself as a victim. But anything to expose his patterns, getting him fired, can help! My thoughts and prayers are with the victims!"

Small web editor note: The image pertaining to self harm has had further obscuring added to it because there was still some visible.
Caution is advised if you read the original thread for images.


Originally tweeted by 'cal | scara will come home' (@calciumavenue)
on 11th February 2023.

Sigh, it’s taken me a while to do this, but it’s the right thing to do.
I’m coming forward about my experience with #ElliotGindi and it pains me to see everyone else he affected.
Screenshots attached will explain.I really want to reply to everyone but I can’t think of words to say or really anything at this point.All I really can say is thank you, i appreciate all of you being here for me and his other victims.❤️


As Tweeted

Originally tweeted by '🌹🍂' (@luclovesnuggets)
on 9th February 2023.

I forgot to mention something when i spoke up about the [email protected] Harrasment coming from #ElliotGindi While i’m not able to provide screenshots of the chat with him, as he made me delete my old discord , I still have access to the one photo of my that I sent him. 1/-)He wanted to see my body. Fully clothed, i might add. Said he wouldn’t show anyone, and I was allowed to delete it from the chat, which i did. While i can’t provide proof of the chat itself, i still have access to the body photo i sent him.I’m debating wether or not I should show it here, because it can be seen as triggering. The context to that is this: Elliot asked me why my legs appear so “skeleton thin” to which i opened up to him about struggling with Anorexia since i was 13. (i’m turning 22 soon.)That was before the conversations with him good weird. He showed me respect and felt sorry for my struggles with eating, when I said it started because of family problems. Right after I deleted the photo, is when he began with the weird questions.He also said that he’d love to stroke my “skeleton legs” paypal me money everyday in order for me to record myself while eating so i could “gain weight.” Again, i won’t show the body photo, in order to not trigger anyone here!While what he did with me did trigger a small relapse for a while, i am doing so much better now that he’s exposed. Please, if you ever need to talk to anyone about what he did, i’m always willing to listen! ❤️ I love you all! Stay safe!

Unnamed Victim 3

This victim wishes to remain anonymous. They DMed me on 2/10/2023 and asked me to share their story.

"basically i contacted elliot on instagram because i wanted to compliment him for his work with tighnari (he’s one of my favorite characters). at first he was very kind then he started asking personal questions and getting a little weird, like if i lived in the us, what i was wearing and stuff like that. i just got along with it because i was in a very vulnerable state and then he asked me for my discord. i gave it to him and we started talking there (he was on a alt account), things got very sexual fast and i was getting more and more uncomfortable to the point i just ghosted him. he texted me after a while asking if I was mad at him, if he hurted me and basically spamming self-deprecating stuff while even mentioning suicide. i won’t go into details about the sexual stuff he said as some of it was really triggering for me, he made me feel disgusting. he knew some of my trauma and used it against me. after the suicide threats, I just blocked him and i think he deleted the account""i have to mention i was 18"

Published on Twitter with permission obtained by Matty (@FretCore)


As Tweeted

"I hardly use Twitter but I'm gonna try to make this work, here's my story on Elliot Gindi. #ElliotGindi

Originally tweeted by 'Kit' (@catty200913) on 11th February 2023.


This user sent her story to me via a sibling on twitter (I don’t use tiktok) I have also provided a screenshot of what it says:

Hii I thought sense other v!ctims where coming out with there stories with elliot I should tell mine too.So it was in the middle of November I had dmed elliot to show him an edit I made thinking he probably wouldn’t reply but he did and I was like oh cool! We started talking just like friends until he started asking me questions about my personal life I didn’t think about it much. Until he started asking me to do sxxual things for him I rejected because I’m only 14 I didn’t think about it much. Until he started acting really weird as if he was depressed one point he said he was going to off himself do I did it. I felt so disgusting so i blocked him even though i was a pretty good fan of his VAing I still feel pretty disgusting to this day so I try to avoid him as much as I can on social media

As posted on TikTok (App required, as its a photo post)

Unnamed Victim 4

I've finally decided i should come out. All of our messages are deleted and I dont have any screenshots but I do have my personal experience. this is an account i made around the time as a burner- Roughly around november 2022, i made some art of tighnari and showed it to elliot.-elliot thanked me and we started talking. he comforted me and told me that i was safe with him. we were mutual friends and frequently talked about personal issues, and stuff we feel guilty about. after i already told him my mother passed away 4 weeks prior, he told me its ok and-i felt safe. i opened up to him more and then he started asking weird questions, very personal ones, he asked me if i lived in the us, where i live, and what my name is. i told him all of these because i felt like he was genuine and would keep me safe. he then told me again thatim okay with him and i shouldnt worry. we talked some more and then he asked me if i had snapchat, i did, so i gave it to him. he would make advances on me and i knew it was weird so i ghosted him. a few days later he stated panicking and threatened he would commit suicideso i told him that i felt uncomfy. he apologized and we moved on, but a few days after this he started advancing on me again, he asked me for nudes and he would make me sit in voice calls with him where he just was showing me his dick. i felt so uncomfortable.i told him i cant take it, and ghosted him. i told some friends and he found out, so he threatened suicide again and after many attempts to get my attention, i blocked him and he deleted all of his messages.i wanna add that i told him a few times that im 14 but he kept advancing.

Originally tweeted by anon (@anonymous99234)
on February 11, 2023.

Unnamed Victim 5

This victim shared their story with me via DM on 2/11/2023 and wish to remain anonymous.

This is something that started probably a bit before Tighnari was released as a playable character, I was very hyperfixiated on Tighnari at the time, and I did a fanart I wanted to show Elliot, we started talking then, I was really happy to get his attention, to meet the voice of my favorite character, I kept talkig to him almost daily, and he was a good friend at first, you know? I was in a very bad mental state at the time and he was there to listen to me when I ranted about my days, he asked me for every detail so he could “help” me, I now realize it was stupid of me to open up that much, after some weeks talking his tone with me started to scalate, he told md he liked my personality and more than once he admited masturbating to our voice, at some point he started to ask me for personal audios, he started insisting in sexting too, I was uncomfortable, and I kept ignoring his requests most of the time, changing the topic, or just showing him more drawings instead, but he.. he started getting in my mind with guiltrip, he used my rantings against me, he told me that my attitude and lack of enthusiasm with him was probably the reason why my friends at the moment were leaving, I was getting manipulated by him and I didn’t notice then, he said I was making him feel bad and sad because I was distant, he insisted I should send him audios of me masturbating myself, he asked for pictures wanting to see my self harm scars, he wanted pictures of my body, he knew I was non binary and that i ony liked to be treated as a boy, he kept telling me he wanted to see my “little’s boy p-ssy” and that he wanted to see how femenine I was, I ended up crying so many times, because I didn’t want to send anything he asked me for but I felt horrible as well because he kept telling me how I was ruining his day, he knew I used to feel guilty so easily Eventually I realized Elliot was harassig one of my best friends too and it was when I decided t was enough, I blocked him and came out about my situaion to some other people i the server as an attempt to get away him, but I am 20, so they didn’t think I was being groomed at all, they kept saying it was my fault because I am an adult and I should know better, so i just shut up and never said what happened anymore, until now of course

As shared by Matty, Post 1, Post 2

Unnamed Victim 6

This victim also DMed me their story on 2/11/2023, asking to remain anonymous.

I haven’t told anyone yet but honestly I was so astonished to see how many other people elliot was bothering horribly. It wasn’t much different from what other’s have dealt with— just started with me dming him telling him how much I love tighnaris and his voice is spot on. He was really nice about it and I was surprised he even replied to me. (It was on discord). We started talking more regularly just about my favorite aspects about tighnari since he was my favorite character. His questions weren’t weird at all and I actually enjoyed talking to him, I felt really lucky to have conversations with a pretty well known voice actor. Until he started asked personal things. I had told him I was a minor multiple times, just to subtly give it off that I was just a fan and nothing else. He began to ask me things like what my favorite makeup products were and if I could send him photos of my favorite lip glosses on. I hate to admit it now, but even when I was uncomfortable I still did it. I sent hims photos (not of my face) with some of my favorite makeup right now. He replied with weird comments that made me anxious a lot like “you have pretty lips” and “Your lips would look so cute if you puckered them”. I always brushed it off and said thank you. After that, it kinda just went along the same path and I didn’t enjoy our conversations as much as I used to. He started asking me what I was wearing, and if I wore crop tops or had any short shorts. I started replying to him less frequently, especially when he asked me if I was wearing panties and what color they were. Shortly after he asked me if I could send him the panties I wear. I didn’t feel good about that at all and I didn’t reply for almost a week. He spammed me multiple times on Twitter and discord asking me if I was mad at him. He said he never meant to make me feel weird he just wanted to be friends. Ever since he asked me that, I stopped talking to him and deleted all of my chats and blocked him. I felt so grossed out and so ashamed of myself. I’m thirteen years old and he knew.I wish I could provide screenshots but I deleted everything as soon as I could because I was disgusted with elliot aswell as myself. Not even my parents know about this. I havent told anyoneand this was recent. It happend in around late december

As shared by Matty

Unnamed Victim 7

This victim reached out to me via DM on 2/11/2023.

Before I go,i’d like to inform you i deleted all evidence. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do and did not want to see any convos with him.. I thought I was the only one.I was 12 years old last year, turning 13 this year. I met Elliot- well not met but DM him on Instagram. I’ve always been complimenting the VAs,like Erika because their voice is really good. For a little backstory,I was sexually harassed and groomed once a few years back. So Tighnari,was a huge comfort character after Venti to me. His voicelines were ao funny and I felt a deep connection with him..i didn’t mean to associate reality with fiction but I did. His voice made Tighnari funny,I really loved the effort he put in! So of course,I went on to DM him, something like “Your voice is really good! Keep the good work up!!” And some other stuff along the lines saying his voice fits Tighnari,how it comforts me. I, too,sent him a fanart. It was pretty choppy but I was surprised he texted back..I’m not one to be noticed by my idols so that made a huge impact on me. I wasn’t in a good mental state because I was moving onto to a new journey of my life soon(going to a teenager you know that kind of stuff) And scared of getting touched again. Once it happened with a grown man…he’s similar to Elliot too. Except it happened in real life. I don’t want to talk about it tho. I’ve been sexually assaulted so many times I relied on Genshin from escaping reality. Tighnari,Venti,Hu Tao,changed me. Yoimiya too! But since Tighnari was, well a new character I hooked onto him. For the first few days,it was fine but then he started asking..personal questions and complimented me.” You look so cute in your photos” something like that I don’t remember…I’m 99% sure he KNEW I was 12. To give context, Instagram is where I posted pictures of myself. With my mom,but he didn’t compliment my mom..My mom knew I was under mental health issues so I was under supervision (luckily) He asked me things like where I live,if I’m a cis girl,things like that. My mom answered those questions for me though. Us but didn’t specify where. I live In Florida.Although since she had work,she wasn’t always around.. Later he asked if I’d be willing to meet him..I told him I was 12 ,he didn’t respond after. the next day,he didn’t acknowledge my message and just talked about Tighnari, probably to gain my trust before getting creepy..I’ll move onto the the deep part. Soon after we had small convos of Tighnari and how lucky he is to voice him,he started going on…weird things..What i wore. With my experience from grooming,i just said baggy clothes yk. later on,he asked if I wore any skirts or short shorts(like really short shorts) I got uncomfortable and asked why he was asking. “Just curious” something like that. Laughed it off(“oh haha”) and didn’t reply to his question. Left me on seen. But one particular day,my mother had to leave me at home for a long time for a huge business thing(Im fatherless) so being home alone scared me. I had basically 0 friends so Elliot and my mom were the only ones..Elliot dmed me and I responded like “ahh i’m home alone” I don’t know why I did that,I had nobody so I depended on him…not him,Tighnari.. I saw him as Tighnari. So..he asked me even weirder questions…he first asked If i already ate,which made my guard let down because nobody has ever been concerned of me. I said “oh yes! I ate” this that and whatever. I told him funny stories of times I ate. Then he asked a question… “do you have a boyfriend?” i responded “oh noo! I’d study first before moving onto those romance stuff haha!” He replied “that’s a good girl” something like that. Of course I got weirded out…I mean he’s 30(if im not wrong) he started asking questions if i could send pictures of what I was wearing. Sure i was groomed before but i wasn’t in the right state of mind. I send him a picture,and it wasn’t really baggy. It was those casual clothes at home,shorts,a t-shirt. “Wow you look hot” “those shorts look tight on you” and complimented my shorts.. I got weirded out as heck but I brushed it off,I wanted to stay connected with Tighnari. He voices him,he practically knows Tighnari a lot more. And then.. “do you masturbate?” That sent shivers down my spine. I got disturbed and uncomfortable but just sais “no..um please don’t ask these questions,I was groomed before” for some reason,I thought he was aware of my age. So I didn’tsay “oh im 12 please dont ask that” he apologized and said things like oh he’s an idiot blah blah. I started venting to him…I let myself open up to him. He said something like i’ll keep you safe. And AGAIN asked if we could meet up. I said no(i’m not even allowed to anyway) thenafter a few hours later he randomly sent me a pic of..his cock. He told me if I wanted this big cock inside my tight little pussy. He wanted me to moan. He said so many disturbing things I don’t even want to say it again. I got so scared,typed in caps “I AM 12. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND” ,i collapse after that from a panic attack. As if he was going through my screen to grab me,I got so scared. i was terrified. Later,my mom came home and saw the messages. She comforted me and told me to block Elliot. That we had to report to the police. But i don’t want another issue so I just deleted all evidence. But before I deleted,I saw msgs of him apologizing, saying he didn’t know and saying he will kill himself. I genuinely thought he didn’t know so i told him it’s fine and to not hurt himself. I loved him because of Tighnari so i couldn’t allow myself to be mad at him…but after,i just blocked and deleted all messages. Despite not wanting to hate him,it just scared me. I had to go through therapy again, didn’t went to school for the first few weeks in 2023. He made me terrified of the world again,when I was ready to finally socialise again. I hate him. He tricked me.. he tricked every one of those girls. He used the same tactics on us.”I didn’t know” you damn liar. You LIAR. you absolute LIAR I HATE YOU. I was crying for weeks after that incident,non stop. I couldn’t eat or sleep. Justice for those victims and me..i want to remain anonymous. Please arrest him..I even moved to another country because of him,I was terrified he knew where I was. I got so scared and begged my mom to leave the US.

Tweet | Matty (@FretCore) | 12th Feb 2023

Unnamed Victim 8

This person messaged me their story 2/11/2023, wishing to remain anonymous.

Hi. i want to talk about elliot our convos were in that vanish mode bc i have a history of doing stuff with older guys ive had my shit spread before too so i did the vanish mode as a precaution and he told me it was better that way despite this i am 15 so even i went along with it he still committed a crime we sexted for a bit and even sent voice notes of talking about things to do to each other he told me how badly he wanted to eat me out and fill my “tight cunt” with his seeds and more graphic sex stuff and i reciprocated. we also talked about meeting up with each other but i only turned it down because i was on my period💀
maybe i liked it but now i feel horrible knowing he did it to others girls and since so may others have shared i am too. our convo started because i heard that it was very easy to get a response from him and i really wanted to talk to the VA of my favorite character i would tell him about art i liked of him(tighnari) and roleplays i did and he loved it all he asked if i was interested in more nsfw tighnari stuff and i said absolutely! i loved tighnari so he sent me some voice notes speaking like tighnari telling me dirty things and we sort of roleplayed ish? even after that i began treating him like tighnari more and more and he acted like him for me he later used that against me when i said i was getting bored of genshin impact he took it personal and said that i just hated him and wanted to used him for his voice and talents that he should disappear then if im so bored and i was breaking his heart he poured so much of his time to me and now im bored of him? but that wasnt true i was just bored of the game i felt too bad but at the same time i recognized what he was doing but i stayed anyway just not messaging a lot eventually he told me that i was too stressful to him and didnt want to talk to me anymore i was so upset i ruined our relationship and just seeing his account in my dms made me feel so bad so i deleted them but the photo above is from our third sexual convoersation we did it about 5 times starting in late december

Tweet | Matty (@FretCore) | 12th Feb 2023

Unnamed Victim 9

Testimony received by DM, they wish to remain anonymous.

Hi, I wish to stay anonymous. After debating for a few days, I’ve decided to share my story with him. It’s nothing sexual, I am also an adult. So that’s at least a good thing, right ? So it started when i told him on Instagram that i loved tighnari. I also told him that I struggle with SH etc. I want to keep this short, we had a voice call, i thanked him for letting me vent, a few days later, cause i didn’t reply as i was busy , he messaged me and asked me if i could cut myself and show him. Here’s screenshots. It never got sexual , but my heart goes out to all the victims..

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Miki made a Twitter to share their experience.

Hi, I'm new to TT, everyone can just call me Miki. Sorry it took me a while to hop on this fucked train but I wanted to share my piece because I've recently seen a lot of stuff about Elliot, and I'm just relieved I'm not the only one who knows and that this is being shared.I sadly don't have any evidence of the 'cringy sex talk' but I have screenshot from the day he threatened me. I know this man has my nudes saved, because he threatened me to share them if anything got out, but honestly, knowing I'm not alone has given me some courage.At this point I don't think I could be any more depressed than I am currently anyways, so I may as well share my piece. I'm sorry to any other victims of Elliot. If I knew this was as big as it was I would have shared sooner. It was brave to be the first to speak out about this.I just wanna thank any VA's backing up the victims. This is not okay how he treats minors. Idk how anyone could be defending him right now. Thank you to @pennilesscanary for helping me share my piece and @FretCore and the #GenshinImpact community for standing up for us.

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Unnamed Victim 10

This person sent me their story through discord on 2/12/23.

But anyway, in short it went like this: I messaged him on Instagram to compliment him on his voice. He actually responded and thanked me and said he feels flattered that “a pretty girl” like me is a fan of his. (for context: I used to do lip makeup looks and post them)I really don’t know why I fell for it it’s so stupid in hindsight but he wanted to video call me and “watch me do my makeup” because he thinks it’s fascinating or something and stupid as I am I said yes because I was excited that the voice actor I like is talking to me.I was just rambling about my lip care routine and my products and he stayed mostly quiet throughout all that which made me feel weird. His camera also had a really strange angle so that I could only see his face but from below kind of(?) I’m sorry it’s hard to explain. I found out later that he was jerking off behind the camera.Anyway at some point he interrupted me and said that there are better uses for my mouth than what I’d been showing him and I said “ok?” because i didn’t get it in that moment for some reason I don’t know.I just went on doing my stupid makeup and he asked if my lipstick was smudge-proof or if it would leave a stain on his dick after forcing it down my throat and I just froze because what the actual fuck. I think he misinterpreted my deer in the headlights look as arrousal, or maybe he just didn’t care that I seemed really disturbed but after that he kept going on about how badly he wants to fuck my mouth and how he thinks I would “make the most pathetic little noises and probably cry around his big cock”
sorry I know I’m taking ages to type this out I’m really sorry I don’t know why it took me that long but I hung up after that finally because it got too much for me. He apologised later saying that he was sorry and that it was a misunderstanding and he thought I understood that he was interested in me sexually And maybe he did hint at it and I was just too stupid to pick up on it I have no idea honestly, but I told him I’m not interested and to please leave me alone
I didn’t block him because I felt like it was my fault that there was a misunderstanding in the first place, but then he messaged me again asking if I was sure I wasn’t interestedI can’t provide you any screenshots because ever since then I have been thinking about how many people like him looked at my pictures and thought “yeah, I’d want to fuck her mouth” and ended up deleting my account entirely because the thought disgusts meMaybe I’m just overreacting, I don’t know, but it’s painful to think about, and I am typing these messages with a lot of shameAgain I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bother

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Elliot's Age

On google, there is incorrect information stating that Elliot is 24, born in November. Both of these are incorrect.He is 31, born in January.Here is a screenshot that he sent to a fellow moderator stating his age. As well as a screenshot from his own twitter.

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Burner Accounts

Please don't follow these accounts or interact. If they message you, don't respond.@e45689184 (Twitter)
@IUYS8B2jkzunqla (Twitter)
@tacoiluvt78 (Instagram) - Since deleted

Late on 2/11/23 one of the victims, Faru, received these messages from a burner account @e45689184

There is a second potential burner account as well.

And again on 2/12/23

Faru was also contacted by a second account on 2/12/23 https://twitter.com/IUYS8B2jkzunqla

Corina Boettger verified that the first account was Elliot in a tweet they made.

Elliot is still messaging minors and threatening SH and blaming them using this burner account.Everyone PLEASE STAY SAFE. Don’t respond to him HE IS STILL TRYING TO MANIPULATE YOU. Block him! Please stay safe. You do not need to respond to him you owe him nothing!He responded to me and some of the victims showed me what he is saying to them

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on February 12, 2023.

He also messaged Kazuya.

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Who is Elliot Gindi?
Elliot was a voice actor in the game Genshin Impact. He streamed on Twitch, often in his boxers. He is also a groomer, pedophile, sexual predator, transphobe, zionist, antisemite, racist, and just all around nasty piece of work.

Who are you?
Hi I’m Matty, also known as FretCore. I was one of his twitch/discord mods. I, along with a few others, learned about the first three victims at the end of January. We compiled a document of their testimony and released it to the world.

Are his tweets on February 6th related to this? / Did he know this was going to happen?
Yes they are related. He didn’t know that I was going to drop a whole 20+ page google document detailing his crime, but he did know that people were starting to find out. He had a call with his mod team. He told us that he had relationships with three members of the community but that he stopped it. He felt horrible for doing it, but didn’t do anything illegal. He wanted us to hear it from him because the victims were talking. He did not think that anything would happen to him, however, because in his mind there was no proof. He made everyone delete all screenshots. He also said “They won’t come forward, my fans will attack them.”
The two members of his mod team who had been his friends for 10+ years said that they still supported him. They encouraged him to see therapy and take time away from twitter. He then made his tweets about stepping away to get therapy.

Why did you tweet it instead of going to the authorities?
A few reasons. First and foremost, the most important thing for me was to make sure that he couldn’t reach anyone else and harm them. But also, I live in California. He lives in NYC. I couldn’t exactly call up the NYPD and be like “hey guess what”. So I did what I could and made it extremely public.
I have since reported it to CyberTip.

Why can’t I access the google doc?
Because people reported it and google locked it. I submitted a review to get it unlocked, but I don’t have much hope that it’ll happen. Everything important from that doc has been moved here. This is also much more stable than the doc.

“I think So-and-So is lying. Are you going to do something about it?”
Nope. It’s not my job to verify the validity of the stories sent to me. I’m not a judge. My job is to share the stories.

Is Tighnari going to be recast?
I would have to imagine so. HoYoVerse responded to Kotaku’s inquiries. You can read what they said here.

Why isn’t Elliot in jail yet?
Because the legal process is slow.

How are you doing?
I’m doing okay, thank you for asking.

Can I send you my own story about Elliot?

Will you keep me anonymous?
You have my word that I will.